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LLL leader chooses home birth

Michelle and Eric

If I could have one wish for all expectant parents, it would be to receive the level of care we received from Riverside North Maternity Care midwives. It was far superior to anything I received in the clinic or hospital where I had my first baby. The care you choose while pregnant, is something you'll remember for the rest of your life, affecting the way you parent, and your relationship with your spouse.

My husband was definitely unsure at first. He'd never heard of having a baby at home, don't you "have to go to the hospital? After the first few difficult conversations, he started to understand how important this was to me, and how this was a life-long choice that would stay with both of us forever. Then we came to the discussion of having a water birth and the potential benefits of it. Having experienced both the epidural at the hospital with my first, and the water birth at our home birth I can say the water was equally as helpful as the epidural. The epidural didn't remove the pain, it changed it, into an unnatural form. Plus it took away some of my own power and instincts.

The mess of having a home birth was one my concerns! It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I pictured load after load of laundry and hours of mopping. In reality I think we had 2 extra loads of laundry. It was really no big deal.

Working with the midwives on my diet is what made a homebirth safe and possible. At no other time in your life is it as important as when you are growing another human being. Had I eaten the Standard American Diet (SAD), I would have belonged in a hospital during labor and birth.

I came away from this experience valuing nonconventional healthcare. Since then I've started working with a local homeopath and reading on herbs and homeopathy. I'm pleased to report neither of my children have since required conventional medical care (no antibiotics, no ER, no Dr visits for any reason other than a fall and tooth through the lip!:)

What an amazing gift to the older children, to be part of the birth in a way they couldn't be if mom left the home for a few days then came back with a baby. Did you buy this baby at the store? Can we return it? If I had a daughter, I would especially hope she would be comfortable being around during labor & birth. Isn't that an amazing option, to be able to offer to your other children?

This experience has rocked my world and my views of the world we live in.

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