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Our only regret...

Barb S

If we would have realized how wonderful it was to birth at home, we would have done it with all 6 children.  Our only regret is waiting. The midwives did a great job of explaining home birth and what will happen, to us and our older children, which engaged them & excited then about our upcoming birth. There wasn’t even clean up for us, the midwives took care of it all. My care from these midwives inspired me to learn more about herbs and natural remedies in order to help my family with healthy life choices and easing even a virus that might have come into the home. The results of applying what I have learned has proven to be a priceless gift.

Tim S

It was great to be in our own home, to do what we wanted to do, to relax with no rushing, no interruptions, and be in a comfortable setting. I couldn’t have asked for more than for 3 ladies being there for anything my wife needed, and for their attentiveness.

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