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Sylvia Kosloski

My journey into Midwifery began with the dissatisfaction of my first birth in a Twin Cities hospital in 1976, when my care by the Nurse Midwife was usurped by the OB due to my failure to dilate 1cm per hour. My arguing for the right to birth vaginally, since there were no signs of distress for the baby, turned our ‘Birth Day’ into a ‘Battle Day’. I did give birth vaginally without medications or interventions, but was left feeling betrayed by the perceived notion that our Midwife was in control of our care. My labor had deviated from the limitations of Midwifery practice set by the OB dept of that hospital. Being sent home within 24hrs, with my next visit scheduled for 2 wks didn’t sound like it was a problem……until my milk came in and engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis followed each other in quick succession. Thankfully, a friend knew to call in a La Leche League leader who came out in the middle of the night, after the advice given by hospital staff at 4 days postpartum failed. I came to realize how empowering and important a rite of passage normal untampered-with birth was to my core being as a woman and a mother, as well as the frequency & quality of postpartum care was to the recovery time of a new Mother after I experienced my second birth at home with a Traditional Midwife.

My study and attendance at births, & apprenticeship began shortly thereafter. My next 4 births were all at home. My daughter Mya Korin in 1984 was, I believe, the first water birth baby in MN. My last birth of Hannah Elizabeth in 1993, was also a water birth. The majority of births I have attended since 1984 have been water births which I believe have benefits to both Mother & Baby, but I also feel that if either parent is uncomfortable with birthing in the water, that laboring in the water can ease the discomforts for the Mother & reduce the stress hormones for the Baby.

My 2nd husband, Jim & I have 7 children (4 were mine, 2 were his, and 1 was ours). We live on a 50 acre 200+ yr old farmstead and raise 100% grass fed beef and free range chickens & ducks. I love to work in my large organic vegetable garden, teach the cooking of nutritious meals made of what we raise here on the farm, and enjoy the peace & calm of our country home along the river, where the nearest neighbor is ¼ mile away.

If we work together for your upcoming birth, you may find me knitting or crocheting for one of our grandchildren as you come back from a stroll outside during your labor at home.

Positions held:

  • MOMS—Mothers Offering Mothers Support, founder
  • HIM—Health IS Mine!, lecturer
  • Arthritis Foundation/MN, exercise instructor
  • MMG—Mn Midwives Guild, co-chair
  • Mnow!—Midwifery Now/Mn, co-chair
  • Midwifery Task Force, Board of Medical Practice/MN, secretary

Tracie Myers

I love to tell the story of how my interest in and commitment to home birth got started. Though my three children's births provided me with first-hand experience and a purpose to learn as much as I could; my story would be nothing without God's calling to my now dear friend and fellow midwife, Sylvia.

The story begins when my 1st husband and I became pregnant for the first time. We were ecstatic… and also petrified! I had just embarked on a journey that would change my life forever, though I did not know it at the time. My husband already had one child from a previous marriage, and his experience with the birth of his first son in a hospital left much to be desired. I had already been a vegetarian for 4 years by the time I became pregnant, and had chosen a life without drugs, prescriptions, and unnecessary medical interventions. Naturally, my husband and I were very interested in what a home-birth had to offer.

I researched the subject extensively, I met with other mothers and moms-to-be who had either used a midwife already or were also looking for natural birth options. I came to the conclusion that I not only wanted to have my baby naturally, but the best way to do that was to have a home birth.

We were referred to two Midwives who agreed to take us as clients, even though we lived an hour’s drive away from them. In the evening, on the day before my son’s birth, the Midwives came and they stayed. My labor was a total of 27 hours. The Midwives never left. On a hot September afternoon we welcomed our son, Makai. He was 7 lbs., 11 oz. It wasn’t until the Midwives left that I finally was able to process the magnitude of what had just taken place. With the help of my husband and those amazing women, I had given birth!

It was only a year and a half later that our first daughter, Serena, was born. We had a different set of Midwives this time and Serena –all 6 lbs. and 15 oz. of her –was out after 4 short and intense hours of labor. The midwives almost didn’t make it in time, but I had learned to trust that birth is a natural part of all life and that my body would know what to do. Serena filled the room with her voice the moment she arrived, and today her personality and presence adds value to any situation in which she finds herself.

Six and a half years later, when I was approaching 30 years old and working in Corporate America, and I was already in the 4th month of pregnancy with my 3rd child when, through a friend of a friend of a friend, I was given the name and phone number of a Midwife, Sylvia Kosloski. I met with Sylvia for thorough prenatal visits throughout my pregnancy. On November 30th, 1988 I met with Sylvia for my last prenatal visit. I was in early labor but didn’t recognize it. The Braxton-Hicks contractions were not particularly rhythmical or strong but they were there. I was, however, a squishy sponge of emotion that morning. My husband and I returned home from my visit with Sylvia. Serena and Makai were at school, the house was clean, and I sat down to pay the bills and have lunch and take a nap. That’s when my water decided to break!

A few hours later, Sylvia and three of my friends had arrived. Everything was as it should be as my labor intensified. After about three pushing contractions, Ruby was born weighing just over 8 lbs. She started breathing and pinking up right away. We were all rejoicing when Sylvia noticed Ruby’s color changing from pink to blue - she had quit breathing. I began holding the still-attached cord to continuously monitor it for the pulse. Sylvia suctioned the phlegm & fluid clogging Ruby’s airway. Within seconds she sputtered, began breathing again and regained proper color. In that moment, I became sure that Sylvia and I were brought together for a reason.

Six weeks later, after much discussion with Sylvia about beginning an apprenticeship with her I received a phone call in the middle of the night. It was Sylvia asking me if I “…wanted to go to a birth?” Without hesitation, I said “Yes!” Thus began my journey into becoming a Midwife, and gaining a true life-long friend and business partner.

Today, I live on 1 acre about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities. My three children are all grown up and I was blessed to be present for my grandson’s birth in 2001. I enjoy riding my Harley, visiting my kids, making baby blankets, reading, studying herbs for medicinal purposes, exercising, cooking and, of course, welcoming babies!

My commitment to carry on the healing art of Midwifery comes from a family history that was passed to me very early on. My great-grandmother knew the healing power of the plants in the woods and the fields near her home in Pennsylvania and used them to keep her family healthy. When I was 6 months old or so the doctor was called to the house because I’d been running a high fever for too long. The doctor told my young parents I either had Polio or Measles but he couldn’t be sure because I had no spots. Yet. My Grandpa & Great Grandma went to work using her remedies on me. It turned out to be Measles. This is something I’ve carried forward into my life and, naturally, my Midwifery practice as well. I believe healing herbs and the inspiration for their use are given to us by God to cure our ills and make our journey through this life and home again less painful. I am always grateful when we can spare someone a trip to the doctor and the cost and side effects of a prescription drug.

I look forward to helping you bring your baby into this world and want you to know YOU are the most important new parents and new baby we know!

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